Private Events: Painting

Private Events: Painting

Do you have a reason to celebrate? Get Creative for a change!  Your private event will include all materials, guided creative direction and delicious cocktails while you explore your creative side. Minimum of 8 guests and a maximum of 20 guests.

Painting events are held at our beautiful studio in Milnerton. Provisional booking dependent on availability. Artworks can be customized to clients’ themes.

All ages welcome. Specify age group in the booking.


Mornings: Mon, Thurs, Fri.


Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays all day.

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Optional Extras

Choice of cocktail jugs: (non alcoholic options available)

Treasure Hunt: Rum and pineapple vibe
Morning Glory: Mimosa inspired
Boujee Botanics: Gin and botanics
Flirty Fizz: Vodka and sours

A gourmet range of cheeses, meats, crackers & dips

A yummy platter including meatballs, chicken wings, deviled eggs, bacon sushi, pita’s & sauces

Fresh fruits & veggie snacks with sauces & dips

Delectable collection of sweets, cookies & treats to make little eyes pop!

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