Canvas, Clay and Rose monthly Social Events

Canvas, Clay and Rose monthly Social Events


Canvas, clay and Rose host monthly events of which a portion of proceeds goes to a non-profit organization called Phoenix sports academy. The monthly membership fee is R350 or if you decide to pay for the full year upfront, you will receive a discount of 10% on your annual membership! 

Monthly themed Pottery or Paint events are held at our beautiful studio in Milnerton. No experience is needed. Price includes all materials, 2 hours of guided creativity, and a welcome cocktail!

Times: First Saturday evening of every month

Each month has its own creative project and includes a delicious themed cocktail

April/May: Pottery Platters
Punny Planter: Create your own planter, add a punny pun, a dash of colour or a unique design of your own.


June: Walk among the Flowers

Acrylic on canvas

The Rest is to be confirmed


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Optional Extras

Choice of cocktail jugs: (non alcoholic options available)

Treasure Hunt: Rum and pineapple vibe
Morning Glory: Mimosa inspired
Boujee Botanics: Gin and botanics
Flirty Fizz: Vodka and sours

A gourmet range of cheeses, meats, crackers & dips

A yummy platter including meatballs, chicken wings, deviled eggs, bacon sushi, pita’s & sauces

Fresh fruits & veggie snacks with sauces & dips

Delectable collection of sweets, cookies & treats to make little eyes pop!

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