Clayheart is a Cape Town based ceramics studio specialising in unique and beautiful custom ceramics inspired by our surrounding in the stunning South Africa.

Every single one of our products is handmade using white earthenware or stoneware clay and finished using various mediums.

A personal note:

The name, Clayheart, came to me one day when I was playing around with Clay in my home studio. I was looking around my small space, messy with clay everywhere, and thought to myself that this is what makes my heart happy. I decided to follow my passion, moved into a Ceramics studio in Cape Town and that's when Clayheart was formed.

I have always been creative, and since I discovered clay, it has become an endless outlet for my imagination. The process of ceramics is an interesting one, as you never quite know exactly how your pieces will come out at the end of the day. There is no greater joy than opening a freshly fired kiln to see the beauty that awaits you.